About Us

Faceoff is India's first social website which provides a common platform for Job Seekers, Placement Agencies, Recruiters and also to provide professional advice by team of advisors.

It is an excellent way to get information of the Companies you might want to work for, the environment of the office, pros and cons' of the Company / Organisation.

Here, placement is offered to the candidates along with the ratings and reviews of the recruiting Company(s) and/or agencies as well.

Vice-a-versa, a Company, as an employer, gets effective recruiting and employer branding solutions. Recruiters can also get the information of the employees they are recruiting so that they can hire the right candidate. They can also post for jobs, view and reply on comments, give interview tips and read and write reviews.

Not only this, a recruiter can also get the opportunity to verify the professional, academic and personal details of the candidate before hiring.

Similarly, a placement agency gets clients and partners to promote their requirement to job seekers and employers and advertise their job postings to ideal candidates who may not be aware of them. They also can get the candidate and recruiter details on the same arena which will be very much helpful for them to set an appropriate line up.

Beside this, Faceoff is the first social platform which introduces the opportunity to view and comment on reviews, posts and complaints against any candidate/employee, employer and placement agency.


Faceoff is connected to all social media and is beneficial for both the employee and employer. Faceoff will work on PAN India basis and anybody can log on to this site to view the job seeker / employee, recruiter and placement consultant details as per their requirement.

Here registration, creating an account as a job seeker, recruiter or a placement agency is absolutely free of cost. However, viewing and posting for placements, comments, reviews and complaints (if any), getting interview tips, message options and to view client's feedback would be available on chargeable basis (click here for the rate chart in details).

Our goal is not to hurt any business house/organization or individual's reputation, rather we encourage all our users to try and resolve their issues to the fullest possible extent before flashing them on Faceoff. All posts to our site are permanent and may be viewed by anybody, till it resolved.

Anybody can avail the following

  • Register as job seeker/recruiter/ placement agency absolutely free of cost
  • Search for appropriate jobs
  • Read reviews of employees of a particular company
  • See reviews of recruiter about the employees
  • Compare reviews of both the employee and the employer
  • Check out the growing list of companies and recruiters
  • Check out which company has got Employees Choice Awards in recent days
  • See which companies' rating is the highest

Special features for Job Seekers

  • To create profile free of cost
  • To upload video interview to make their profile more attractive
  • To find appropriate jobs
  • To check recruiter and placement agency
  • To get professional advice from the team of advisors
  • To get professional resume format
  • To read and write and check status of job related reviews

Special features for Recruiter

  • Can create an enhanced company profile and highlight the employment brand absolutely free of cost
  • Promote the latest job listings
  • Can search for the job seekers
  • Can get candidates' details
  • Can contact with the recruiting agency/consultancy
  • To read, write and check status of review
  • To get professional advice from the team of advisors

Special features for Placement Agency

  • Can create its enhanced profile and highlight the company brand absolutely free of cost
  • Can search for and contact with the job seekers and recruiters as well
  • Can get company and candidates' details
  • To read, write and check status of review made for/against both the job seeker and recruiter, if any
  • To get professional advice from the team of advisors


The main objective of launching this site is to stop any kind of illegal activity by the employer, employee, placement agency and/or individuals as all of them may be aware of each other. This unique initiative taken by Faceoff will be ultimately beneficial for the job seeker and/or the recruiter as well as the recruiting agency on PAN (Presence across Nation) India basis.


Faceoff is an excellent platform to get connected with each other and to get information about the Company(s) and/or Organization(s) anyone might want to work with and vice-a-versa a Company as an employer, can also get information about the employee(s) they are recruiting. One can also search for jobs, view/ review and post comments thereof.