Frequently Asked Questions

Face Off is India’s 1st social website that provides an excellent platform for job seekers, recruiter companies and placement agencies. Faceoff tells you about the companies you might want to work for, vice-a-versa, a company as an employer,  can  get the information about the employees they are recruiting. Moreover, a placement agency can know both about the company and the employees at a time. One can also search for jobs, view and post comments and reviews, about the company, placement and the employees as well. Other facilities offered by Face Off include interview tips, chat online and write blogs.
Basically the main aim of Faceoff is to stop any fraudulent activity done by the employer, employee or by any placement agency.
The main idea of Face Off came into the mind of Mr. Kamal Kumar Agarwal, Chairman, Dial Me Group, a few months back when he saw some candidates struggling to get jobs as per their requirement and capability. There are some companies having a tendency of not giving proper remuneration to the candidates, sometimes they are also been harassed by the recruiters. By surveying, he also came to know that there are some placement agencies whose main focus is to earn money from the job seekers rather than giving them opportunities for appropriate jobs.
Secondly, he came to know that the candidates, employees do not give correct information about their qualification and experience which hampers the hiring process. This ultimately leads to trust issues.
To stop all this fraudulent activity, Face Off has been launched to make hiring and recruiting an easy and tireless process altogether.

To create a common platform for both the job seeker and the recruiter company.
Face Off is launched to stop any fraudulent activity done by the employer, employee or placement agency.
It will enhance the recruitment process easier and effortless.
Both the recruiter company and the candidate can write and see the complaints faced by a job seeker as well as the recruiter company.
To create transparency during the hiring process.
Both the candidate and the recruiting company can create their profile on the portal, search for jobs, read and write reviews, get updates of similar job posting, get online chat facility and many more.
A company can post their various vacancies in Face Off  so that the appropriate candidate can approach for the job.
It is an excellent way to get inside information on companies you might want to work for, including how satisfied are the employees , how is the environment at office, what are the pros and cons of the companies and are they satisfied with their payouts.
Candidates get ratings and reviews of the company where placement is offered. 
Candidates can also search for jobs, comments, interview tips and write reviews.
Information about every candidate posted on Faceoff website.
A recruiter can also get the opportunity to verify the professional, academic and personal details of the candidates before hiring.
Face Off is linked with popular social websites, eg., Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

No, faceoff is not only for job seekers. It is beneficial for both the employee and employer. Both the recruiter company and the placement agency can get the information of the employees they are recruiting so that they can hire the right candidate.
It is different from other job sites as it would not be just providing jobs to the candidates but, the recruiter company can also search for the right candidate required for their company. Even the recruiter can also have the opportunity to verify the professional, academic and personal details of the candidates before hiring. On the other hand the employee can also know about the details of the company they have applied for. So, there would be much more transparency in the hiring and recruiting process as compared to the other sites.
In Faceoff, a minimum time of 21 working days is given to both the employees and the employers to solve their issues off the field. If the issue does not get solved or both the parties are not willing for a mutual settlement, then after meeting certain parameters and guidelines, their complaints will get flashed on our site, the Face Off.
Face Off has tried to make this site easily accessible with all operating system available in the market. It will run on all browsers like Google Chrome, Internet explorer, Firefox and others. 
Registration is absolutely free of cost in Face Off. 
A job seeker, recruiter or placement agency has to register first. The sign up option is found to the top right corner of the main page.
The following criteria are required for registration:
First Name and Surname
Date of Birth
Mobile number
Email ID
After submission of these details, an email will be sent to the registered mail id for verification.  One has to click on the link given there so that the mail id could be verified. Once it is done, the next step would be mobile number verification. An OTP (One Time Password) will come to the registered mobile which has to put to the next screen coming out in Face Off, time limit of this OTP is within 10 min. 
A candidate can also upload his video interview by paying a small token amount.
If an employee wants to find a job according to his profile, he has to pay a small token amount as a subscription fee. Similarly Recruiter Company or placement agencies also have to pay a small amount as a subscription fee to find the right candidates or company simultaneously. 

Face Off helps all job seekers to find jobs of their choice and capability. Person has to pay a small subscription charges to visit the site to search for the job vacancy. There are several ways to hunt for a job: 
Millions of latest and updated job information.
Job alerts  to notify new jobs in a particular area
Examples of interview.
Information about the pay scale.
Information regarding benefits of job seeker.
Latest and updated reviews of the companies as well as placement agencies
Company reviews so that you get a knowhow for what it's like to work at that company.

Faceoff actively monitors job postings to ensure that they do not violate the Terms and conditions. Faceoff immediately removes job postings suspected to be fraudulent.

However, fraudulent job postings can appear, and we suggest you to use caution in your job search.

Here are some tips to help you recognize a suspicious job posting.
Do not send money to a prospective recruiter company or placement agency.
Do not give out personal or financial account information to a new recruiter company or placement agency via email, phone call, sms, whatsapp or other method.
Do not transfer funds in the account of recruiter company or placement agency.
Beware of job postings that ask you to send your resume to a free email address.
Beware of spelling and grammatical errors.
Yes, it is totally safe.

The Database of the candidates is used only by Recruitment/Job Consultants or companies for the sole purpose of communicating with the candidate for Job openings.

However, if any recruiter company asks for Debit/ Credit Card Number, Bank Account No. of a candidate / applicant before hiring, he/she must not provide any information to that company; it may lead to a fraudulent activity to be done by the recruiter.
To write a company review on Faceoff:
1. Sign in to your Faceoff account.
Note: You must have a validated Faceoff account in order to submit a review. For more information, please view our FAQ on how to create an account.
2. Click on to the sign at the top right.
3. Select Review.
4. Type the name of the present or former employee / recruitment company / placement you are reviewing in the appropriate box.
6. Write the title and review in details.
7. Click save option.
8. Rate your company by choosing a star rating, and add details in the fields provided. 

Note:  The following fields are required for submission:
1. Overall rating
2. Title of your review (this is the review headline that displays on the site)
3. Pros
4. Cons
(While Job Title and Location are option fields, if you do supply this information, it will show with your review on the site. If you do not wish to disclose this information, please leave this field blank)

If you did not create an account or Sign In, prior to writing your review, it will not be approved.

To maintain data quality and ensure each post is within the Face Off Guidelines. We review every post before it appears on the site. This means it may take as long as 21 working days for the Faceoff team to review and approve your post.
If your review has been submitted more than 21 working days ago, and is still showing pending, please check to ensure that you have validated your account. 
You may view the status of your reviews / comments / posts once you have an account with us. 
For information about how to edit a review you have already submitted, please read our FAQ
Minimum age limit to create an account in Face Off is 18 years.

If you see a content that you feel is inconsistent with Faceoff’s Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, you may report it by to our Customer Care team. 
Face Off support may ask you to include information on why you believe the content is inappropriate.
When you click the icon, a text box will open for you to provide information (limit of 300 characters) on why you believe the post should be removed.
A member of Faceoff’s Customer Care Team will review the post and reply to you with a decision.

The subscriber account can be given chance to view for unlimited access to our content when you submit the required data in appropriate fields of your profile and pay the charges as per the rate chart, you also may submit company review, benefit information, or interview experience of your own.  Unlimited access is granted for 12 months. After that period you may be asked to update your account with subscription charges, another comments, posts, interview, or benefit review to extend your access for another 12 months. You can create a member account by using your Facebook, Google account, twitter or linkedin.

Faceoff offers 3 basic types of accounts:

1> Account for Job Seeker / Employee:
Here, the job seeker can fill up the form with writing the details of their educational qualification, professional experience, skills and personal information free of cost.
But searching and applying for the jobs would be on chargeable basis. After that, he can get job alert via sms and email.  He can also upload his video interview using certain parameters (given in the rate chart). He can read, write and comment or put complaint against any recruiter or company or placement by paying the charges.
Face off has also given the opportunity to their registered job seekers to put their resumes on top ten on city / state basis and also on category basis. Resume writing facility is also available on Face Off.
2> Account for Recruiter / Employer:
A recruiter can register in Face Off for free. But searching for the right candidate, creating webpage and job posting are chargeable which is an added advantage provided in Face Off.

A recruiter can do job postings, read and write complaints, reviews and comments, can check previous records of candidates and placements as well.
3> Account for Placement Agency:
A placement agency can register here for free. But searching for the right candidate, creating webpage and job posting are chargeable which is an added advantage provided in Face Off.
A placement can do job postings as per the requirement by the recruiter / company, read and write complaints, reviews and comments, can check previous records of candidates and recruiters as well.


It would benefit the employee/candidte as follows:
  • To create their profile free of cost
  • To find appropriate jobs 
  • To check recruiter and placement agency 
  • To know the details of the job requirement before applying for it
  • To read,  write and check the status of the related job reviews / complaints before approaching for it
  • It gives a common chat platform

It would benefit the employer as follows:
  • A recruiter gets the opportunity to verify the professional, academic and personal details of the candidates before hiring
  • Promote the latest job listings
  • Can search for the job seekers and their details
  • Can contact with the recruiting agency/consultancy
  • An employer can read, write and check his status of review/complaints if any
  • It gives a common chat platform

It would benefit the placement agency as follows:

  • Can create profile absolutely free of cost
  • Can get company and candidate’s details
  • The placement company can also check their status
  • Can search for and contact with the job seekers and recruiters as well
  • To read, write and check status of review/complaints made against both the job seeker and recruiter, if any
  • It gives a common chat platform