Refund Policy

Payments for the services offered by Faceoff shall be on a 100% advance basis. Under this Agreement, the charges paid by the subscriber to Faceoff are non-refundable. We do not guarantee any refunds.

Important points to be noted

  • Refund will only be given when: A subscriber wants to post a review for someone or a complaint against somebody and he/she pays the subscription charges for it, but the administrators of Faceoff find that the review/complaint is not genuine and they delete the post. Only in this case, the money will be refunded to his/her bank account.
  • Refund if granted, it will be at the sole discretion of Faceoff.
  • Faceoff offers no guarantee whatsoever for the accuracy or timeliness of the refunds reaching the bank accounts.
  • Faceoff gives no guarantee of applications working properly and liability is limited to refund of amount only.
  • Faceoff reserves its right to amend or change all or any terms and disclaimers at any time without any prior notice. All terms / disclaimers whether specifically mentioned or not shall be considered to be included if any reference is made to them.
  • If any problem arises then all the cases will be settled in our Kolkata office.
  • If the problem is still not settled then it will be limited to Kolkata jurisdiction only.